What Is a Good Antonym for Courteous

A revolution is not a dinner or the writing of an essay or the painting of an image or embroidery; He cannot be so refined, so quiet and gentle, so moderate, friendly, polite, reserved and magnanimous. A revolution is an uprising, an act of violence by which one class overthrows another. 1. Adjective Involve employees who are polite and able to welcome and serve your customers. Antonyms: little chivalrous, short (p), coarse, discourteous, brusk, brusque, little gallant, caddish, curt, brusque, antonyms without ceremony: brusque, brusk, little gallant, short (p), curt, caddish, coarse, coarse, unceremonious, without ceremony 1. Be polite to everyone, but intimate with a few, and let those few be well tested before giving them your trust. – George Washington 2. Always have a sense of humor about life – you`ll need it – but always be polite. – Peter Jennings US – How to pronounce courteous in American English I disagree with those who demonize or denigrate the FBI.

I respect the FBI as an institution as well as their agents, when they ransacked my hotel room and my house, it was obviously annoying for me and my family. Nevertheless, the agents were respectful, polite and professional. I thanked them for their service and when they left, we shook hands. A humble, polite and kind attitude is the beauty of speaking; While truth with honesty is the soul of conversation Whatever the situation, no matter where it happens, a DPS state soldier has an obligation to be professional and polite. And that was not the case in this situation. “If a man is gracious and polite to strangers, it shows that he is a citizen of the world” – Francis Bacon Be polite to everyone, but intimate with a few; and let those few people be well tested before giving them your trust. characterized by politeness and graceful good manners Synonyms: overnett, squeamish, amiable, small, benign, kind, intelligent, decent Synonyms: respectful, polite, debonair, graceful, urban, civil, respectful adjective. [`ˈkɝːtiːəs`] with courtesy and courtesy….