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What Is a Producer Statement Dunedin

Dunedin City Council is responsible for enforcing the provisions of the Building Act, including the Building Code, and for ensuring that all completed construction work complies with the Act. One way to help us be satisfied is to accept a manufacturer`s statement. At present, there are four types of manufacturer`s declarations, all of which are generally accepted by the Council`s acceptance. They are known as: A manufacturer`s statement is a professional opinion based on good judgment and expertise. This is not a product warranty or a guarantee of conformity. Guidelines: The use of manufacturer`s declarations [PDF 56 KB] on the Engineering New Zealand website contains information on what to include in the manufacturer`s declaration. For more information on dunedin City Council`s supplier reporting requirements, see Before You Start (new window) You can complain to the Licensed Building Practitioners Board about what an LBP has done or has not done. They may also complain about work they have supervised or work they have supervised or instructed, including work from subcontractors they have commissioned. Manufacturer`s statements are typically used for special work such as engineering or when an exclusive product is installed by contract contractors. Some aspects of this work will not fall under The Board`s internal expertise, and a manufacturer`s statement may assist Council in determining whether the construction work complies with the Building Code. Boards will use their judgment when reviewing manufacturers` statements and the weight they must give them. Manufacturer`s statements can be accepted by the following recognized authors (with the appropriate skill level): Building permit application documents are available to help you submit a complete building permit application. Our commercial application package includes a verification sheet and tips designed to ensure that applicants know in advance what information is needed to accompany the application.

If it has been agreed that a Chartered Engineer (CPEng) will oversee the supervision of the construction (and issue a manufacturer`s declaration), any restricted construction work performed during this supervision must continue to be performed or supervised by a Certified Construction Practitioner (LBP). The LBP must also provide a work protocol for the limited construction work it performs or supervises. They need to review the Council`s requirements for manufacturers` declarations. If the author of the manufacturer`s declaration needs to be registered and approved by the SBCG, an application can be made using the following form. Applications are subject to building@dcc.govt.nz. A manufacturer`s declaration is a declaration completed by duly qualified and experienced designers or construction professionals confirming that the design or construction has been completed in accordance with certain provisions of the New Zealand Building Code. A manufacturer`s declaration is a document issued by an expert approved by the Council. Council may accept the manufacturer`s statement as proof that the design or construction project complies or will comply with the Building Code. Ad hoc approvals of manufacturer`s statements from authors not listed above may be considered on the basis of the evidence of competence submitted. Council should be clear about when it expects to receive the manufacturer`s statements during the building permit process.

You must ensure that the contractor`s commitment includes the need to provide the manufacturer`s declaration once the work is completed. For residential work, Licensed Construction Practitioners (PLLs) must provide a working reference (CoW) for the engineering design of the primary structure (including foundations). It is recommended to attach the relevant manufacturer`s statements to the CoW and to refer specifically to these and other relevant reports (e.g. B, geotechnical reports and/or design features) in the CoW reference column. It is important that the manufacturer`s statements for design (PS1) or design review (PS2) include the specific building code clauses to which the design corresponds and how it corresponds to the building code (e.B. Acceptable solution or verification method, MBIE guide and/or specific engineering design). Declarations must be up-to-date, clearly indicate the location and scope of the proposed work, and confirm compliance with the relevant building code clauses. Manufacturer`s statements can help support building permit applications (and certification of conformity) as long as the board accepts them as accurate and reliable.

Although manufacturers` declarations are well established and widely used, they do not have special status under the Building Act, 2004. They are used as a source of information on which Council can rely to determine whether there are sufficient grounds to conclude that the work complies with the Building Code. Here are some examples of work where a manufacturer`s declaration could be submitted: In most cases, the CDC does not allow structures to be located above or near public drains, as the structure can force the drain and cause damage. Our fact sheet in the related information section describes what you need to know about the construction process near or above a DCC drain. We also recommend using the manufacturer`s statement (if applicable) as the engineer`s statement of approval at each stage of the construction process (e.g.B. design, review and supervision of construction). Building managers provide information to the Council on manufacturers` declarations. In order to be able to submit producer declarations to us, the specialist must first be registered as an approved manufacturer of producer declarations. Use the forms below to apply for registration. The registration shall be up-to-date and relevant to the type of manufacturer`s declaration and the design area. When considering whether to accept a manufacturer`s statement, a board will usually assess the author`s credentials to ensure that the individual has the appropriate experience and competence in their particular area of expertise and will conduct their own construction inspections. Please send for 2016 – 2017 changes to balconies at 598 Castle St, Dunedin: 1/construction request with drawings and specifications; 2/ the building permit; 3/ Declaration by the manufacturer of the structural engineer; 4.

inspections, inspectors` names and notes; 5/ notifications of rectification and; 5/ the certificate of conformity to the code. Dear David, Thank you for your request for information where you requested (in summary) copies of building permit documents for the construction work carried out at 598 Castle Street. We do not store the information you request. However, our building inspectors immediately went to the property and found that construction work had recently been done and that the council was not aware of it. We are grateful to you for bringing this to our attention. We are now taking compliance action and working with the client to ensure that the requirements of the Building Act 2004 are met as quickly as possible. Sincerely,Kristy RusherManager Civic and Legal, Corporate ServicesDunedin City Council/Kaunihera-a-rohe o Otepoti Do you need legal advice? Go to [1]LawVu Legal Advice Request Form 50 The Octagon, Dunedin; P O Box 5045, Moray Place, Dunedin 9058, New ZealandPhone: 03 477 4000; Fax: 03 474 3594 Email: [email address] [2]cid:image001.png@01CD2A14.1A1FB310 [3]cid:image002.jpg@01CD2A14.1A1FB310[4]cid:image003.jpg@01CD2A14.1A1FB310[5]cid:image004.jpg@01CD2A14.1A1FB310P Please note the environment before printing this email This email is confidential and can be legally privileged and is intended exclusively for the intended recipient. If you are not the intended recipient or if you have received this email by mistake, then: Use this email and no attached files or share the content with third parties; Notify the sender by email; and delete this email and all attachments from your system.

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