What Do You Need to Get a Contractors License in Virginia

To do business in Virginia, entrepreneurs must register their organization with the State Corporation Commission (SCC). For more information on starting a business in Virginia, click here. 8. How long does the VA Contractor License take? It must be renewed every two years. 9. How much does it cost to license a Virginia contractor? Most cities in Virginia require contractors to purchase a security deposit, liability insurance, and workers` compensation before they begin work on any type of construction project. However, persons holding a Class C contractor`s licence are exempt from this requirement. The exact amount needed varies greatly from city to city, so it`s important to review local retention rules before starting a construction project. The cost of these obligations varies from project to project, while liability insurance prices are usually set based on the amount of coverage. In fact, it is necessary that each of the bonds be purchased through one or more authorized guarantee companies in your area. Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation9960 Mayland Drive, Suite 400Richmond, Virginia 23233-1485(804) 367-8511www.dpor.virginia.gov The DPOR License Finder allows you to search for licenses and licensees by name, license number, and address. Board Office: (804) 367-2785 Email: contractor@dpor.virginia.gov It depends.

But. probably. As mentioned earlier, there are now over 40 Virginia Contracting licensing specialties (i.e. finishing joinery, floor and floor coverings, drywall, paint and wall coverings, as well as tiles, marble, ceramics and terrazzo). If you are doing construction-related work yourself, you will likely need to obtain a permit. If you have any questions about the specialty you need based on the projects you are doing, we recommend that you contact DPOR`s licensing department directly at 804.367.8511. To see what you`d pay for a bond, get a free quote below: 11. I need a Class A or Class B licence, but I have a hard time proving a net worth of $45,000 or $15,000. What can I do? As of July 1, 2017, licence applicants may deposit a security of $50,000 instead of having to provide financial statements or proof of net worth of $45,000 or $15,000. The Virginia Board for Contractors issues licenses in one of three classes: Class A, Class B, and Class C.

In most cases, the type of license you need to apply for is based on the contract value or price of the projects your company will bid on or participate in (see note below for specific exceptions). Please read the following definitions before deciding which contractor`s license is right for your business. The state says it takes about 30 days for them to process applications, so wait a month or more. Assuming everything is in order, the DPOR will issue you your license and send it to your address. Contractors in Virginia must be licensed to maximize opportunities and avoid having money on the table. Virginia law requires that anyone who completes or manages construction, improvements, repairs, or moves with a total value of a single project of more than $1,000 receives a license from the Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation (DPOR). This not only gives you credibility, but also offers a higher earning potential. You`ll need to buy a different class of contractor licenses, depending on the size of the projects you`re going to do: According to the Virginia code, contractor licenses are awarded to companies, not individuals, even if the business is a sole proprietorship with an employee. All entrepreneurs of any type must take an 8-hour basic course on the entrepreneur`s business.

Courses can be taken online or in the classroom as long as they are approved by the Commonwealth of Virginia. 4. What are the penalties for performing construction-related activities without being duly authorized in Virginia? According to Virginia Law Code ยง 54.1-1115, Prohibited Acts: “Any person performing work without (i) a valid license or certificate from a Virginia contractor when a license or certificate is required. or (ii) the correct license class. a fine of up to $500 per day will be imposed for each day the person contravenes the regulations, in addition to the eligible penalties for committing a Class 1 offence. . .